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Samson's Strength and How He Was Made Weak
The name Samson means sunshine.
Samson was born with a special purpose that was given to him by God through his parents.
He was given to be a particular type of priest, and would be intended to deliver Israel from under the rule of the Philistines.
Although his name means sunshine, he did have some very dark days, because he did not honor the wishes of his parents.
One of the rules of his priesthood was to not ever cut his hair. He acted foolishly and did allow some people to cut his hair off.
As a result they did make him a slave, and put his eyes out.
His hair did grow back and he got his strength back. Then he pulled down the temple to kill many Philistines and Israel was freed. We wonder how great his life would have been if he had done it all right from the beginning. 
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